About the Convention

Grand Tribunal 2007


Ars Magica wood cut

Saturday November 17th
Cheltenham, UK
A Festival of Ars Magica, the roleplaying game of medieval magic!

Including a freeform ars larp, ars boardgames, ars rpg sessions, medieval music and food and a ars raffle of rarities!

People are welcome to arrive on the Friday night, and I will ensure that those staying till Sunday have plenty to do, but the main events are on the Saturday. It's possibly the first Ars Magica dedicated rpg convention ever, unless you know better?

You can help!

if you would like to attend, or have an idea or event to hemp making this a "magical" experience do not hesitate to post it on the forum or email cj at chris.romer@blueyonder.co.uk Payment details for pre-registration are on the News page under September 19th.

There is already discussion of the event over at the Saga Locator project at http://sagalocator.myfreeforum.org/index.php

Do register if interested!

all the best
cj x

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