OK, accommodation in Cheltenham ranges from the extraordinarily cheap to the extraordinarily expensive! Unfortunately because of the race meeting on this weekend it is also proving very difficult to source rooms. I will be updating further all this week. However, for real value accommodation one might have to look beyond the city limits...

Tourism Office: Accomodation Enquiries

You can call Cheltenham Tourism on 01242 522878 (+44 242 522878 from outside the UK) but unfortunately the only rooms the lady has left are over £100 a night. I would recommend speaking to Gloucester, just 8 miles with an excellent and safe night bus service on 01452 396572 (outside UK +44 452 396572). However do also consider contacting me for advice on and the excellent deals below...


Stonehouse Travelodge

Suitable by railway or car, and very cheap!

In the light of the "no room at the inn scenario" it may well be worth considering if driving taking rooms outside of Cheltenham. Stonehouse Travelodge is 12.5 miles from Cheltenham, and ideal if you have a car.

You can book a Family Room. Our Norwegian contingent are already booked in, and there is a thread specifically for chatting about it on the forum...

Which works out at £12 a person, if you book now! Now I appreciate many of our delegates won't have cars, so I have checked the trains -- last train on current timetable is 21.22pm from Cheltenham, and costs £5.However if sufficient people want to book here to take advantage of the cheap prices we will look in to lifts and even a minibus. Do notify us!

Travel Lodge, Burford

This is 21 miles from Cheltenham, and does the same excellent deal as Stonehouse, but would require a car. Stonehouse is preferable for this at least. :)

Central Hotel

Well it's town centre, its cheaper - £40 a room and upwards - or £25 each for twin beds in one room, recommended - and it's only ten minutes at most from from the main venue, and right next to our pubs. It's not the Ritz though!

I'll put some cheaper accommodation up next time - and you can always ask for floor space if desperate!

cj x

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