Erik Dahl

Erik Dahl hails from the western edges of the American Tribunal, from the northern part of California about an hour's drive from San Francisco. He has lived there for most of his 34 years. Grand Tribunal 2007 will be his first visit to the United Kingdom (if you don't count the time he performed in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which Erik doesn't since he can hardly remember anything about that week).

Erik was introduced to Ars Magica in college, where he studied theater arts. He had played Dungeons and Dragons in elementary school, and joined a good friend's long-running AD&D campaign. When that ended they decided to give Ars Magica (Second Edition) a try, and Erik got hooked on it. His first character was an owl Bjornaer who had been taken as an
apprentice into House Bonisagus. That magus was killed in the first session, but it didn't hurt Erik's appreciation for the game.

Before becoming involved with Ars Magica Fifth Edition, Erik submitted material for several of White Wolf's other published games (Mage, Changeling, and the ill-fated Exile), copy edited and contributed to several issues of the Ars Magica fan magazine Mythic Perspectives, and wrote a great many articles for its successor Hermes' Portal. He also maintained the FAQ at Project: Redcap and wrote several entries, including a basic Latin primer and revisions to the ArM Code. For the published line, Erik wrote a chapter of Living Lore, and playtested Land of Fire & Ice.

Fifth Edition is Erik's great passion, of course. He has written for most of the books in the line, in many cases contributing rules and setting ideas that have set the precedent for how the game is played today (rules for ghosts and other magical creatures, the Order of Mercury, Mythic Companions, and Methods and Powers, for example). His complete Fifth Edition book credits to date include:

As of this writing, Erik has also contributed to four other Ars Magica books still in development. He hopes that the good he's done for the line generally outweighs the bad, and looks forward to discussing the state of the game with other enthusiasts at the event.

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