Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor

Neil lives in Cambridge (the real one), having studied at Clare College, falling into the trap and never leaving. He met RPGs at college, in the form of "DSys" an early home-brew based on white-book DND, and remembers waiting anxiously for the promised "Players Handbook" and "Dungeon Master's Guide" to be published for what became ADND. After that came a long succession of games, like RuneQuest, Chivalry & Sorcery, GURPS, Champions, Traveller, ... and eventually he met Ars Magica 3e at the wrong time (while in mid-campaign running DND 2e).

That ended just around the time ArM 4e came out, and the group started the La Roche Caribet saga. We gained a few interesting members, like Sheila Thomas and David Chart; Neil had a chance to write up some of his best campaign stories in the 4e "Faerie Stories" book, polished by Phil Masters .. and then David got this idea of persuading John Nephew that he should make a 5th Edition. We played right through the development of 5e, and converted to that - believing the 5e is "The Best Yet". (It can't be the "One true Edition" since that TLA has already been bagged!)

Since then Neil co-re-wrote "The Mysteries" with CJ, and contributed to "Covenants", characters for the "Living Covenant", and the SpecialOps downloadable adventure "An Ill-Fated Meeting".

In parallel with this, Neil discovered the joys of writing and running Convention games of Ars Magica, starting at GenConUK back at Loughborough, with other familiar Berklist names such as Lucy Hewitt (and David, Sheila,...)

Having met CJ and heard some of his stories, Neil is looking forward to more tales...

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