Welcome to the Grand Tribunal 2007.


Tribunal assembly

Monday 19th November 2007

The Grand Tribunal 2007 is over. All of us had a great time.

Sunday 11th November 2007

I have updated the Sessions page. Please feel free to advertise your game idea there, and hopefully get some sign ups. I have left Saturday morning free for now, but we can arrange more gaming time there for those interested. Please do sign up for games or add some, as many of the vents will be delegate organised games!

September 19th 2007

We are delighted to announce that CJ has finally overcome his email problems. We have also decided to extend as a result pre-registration which will allow for some "con supporter" goodness for those who sign up in advance till October 31st - if you have not signed up yet, please do now paypal £5 to including Grand Tribunal in message as well as postal address and contact details. The door price will be £8, and strictly limited, so pre-booking is a very good idea!

September 6th 2007

Much chaos descends on us as my old ISP closed my email account without notice after eight years. My new email is, so please send all correspondence to that address. I am in the process of updating my paypal details, so please do not make any payments at the moment! I will keep you informed.

In other news, Special Guest Neil Taylor now has a biography page.

June 18th 2007

OK, the current price for registration is now £5. Pre-registration really helps us, and is at a significant discount, and does get you some goodies, as well as first pick of events. :) We are approaching half our maximum number of delegates booked already!

Also booking accommodation really is VITAL now, as even the cheap option of the Stroud Travel Lodge is booking up rapidly. If you need assistance do not hesitate to contact me.

June 14th 2007

Last chance to register at the current prices! Delighted to announce our Norwegian contingent have already registered and booked in to the Stonehouse Travelodge. They are arriving at Stansted, and may have room for lifts. I'll keep you updated!

People seem positive about the Travelodge plan. Sheila and Neil have made other arrangements, and Erik and Matt are staying in Cheltenham with us, but hopefully we will all find the time to go down to the Travelodge. I might have to run a midnight ghost hunt to a burial mound if anyone wants! :)

June 12th 2007

OK, some unexpected bad news - a major racing event is scheduled for the weekend of the mini-con, and as a result Accomodation is filling up fast and looking horrendously expensive. It is therefore vital that if you plan to attend for the weekend and stay over on the Friday or Saturday night that you make arrangements as soon as possible.

We will do everything in our power to mitigate this as much as possible: I am now making an update to the Accomodation page to clarify the current situation and assist. Those who have already made arrangements with us should not worry - those arrangements for Matt and Erik stand as planned.

Please go to Accomodation and read what the new information. The good news is I have found some beds for as little as £12 a head, providing you are willing to travel a little way!

May 18th 2007

Welcoming Pete Hiley to the organising committee, where he joins Kevin Sides, Luke Price, Lloyd Graney and myself. The Guests of Honour page has been updated and more announcements should follow this week. We have found an excellent band, but are just sorting out the pub venue for the Friday night music. Life would be much easier if a few more people registered though!

We have now settled the pricing structure for the convention. The idea is to encourage as many people as possible to register early so we can prepare. In the event you can't make it through no fault of your own we will convert your registration fee in to raffle tickets in the draw.
cj x

May 3rd 2007

I am due to look at the conference venue tonight. I have seen it before, but will be making careful notes as to facilities, and doing the necessary risk assessments etc for the public liability insurance. Sadly, said insurance will eat most of the monies I expect!

In other news, Inky Fingers, Hearts Aflame the mini-con LARP has been added to this site. Take a look!

Our transatlantic Guests of Honour have confirmed, and I'll reveal the full details in the next few days, as well as the excellent British Guests of Honour!
I'm really pleased with how its all shaping up...

cj x

May 2nd 2007

CJ here, organiser - well there is a committee, but I was the originator! I'm still learning how the wiki works, but it was created by the very talented Pitt Murmann, and should be an excellent resource...

cj x

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