Norwegian contingent

Delegates from Ultima Thule

I only managed to persuade one from my troupes to join me, so he certainly gets credit as the least pig headed and tight pursed of my gaming friends.

Anyhoo, we have been playing Ars Magica since 1994, though not always in the same troupe, what with living in different parts of the country now. (Somtimes also on opposite sides of the globe.) Now we play via skype on a weekly basis.

Myself, I'm Leif Olav, and well into my second year as a 29 year old, and work in chemistry research. If you want titrations done, I'm certainly your man. Apart from that I'm a lover of whisky, puns, ales, Leeds United (mental defect among many Norwegians to support an English football team), Heylan Coos and driving on the right side of the road. So the trip from Stansted might get interesting.

As for the Ars Community, my oly contributions have been a 10 year long membership of the Berklist (Lumir Miztr was my first alter ego, and I got a stern talking to from David Chart after one of my first mails) and entering a fiction contest in Mythic Perspectives, which I believe was won by that same David Chart. I sense a trend here!

Oh! I also tend to drone on endlessly when writing mails and wiki entries.

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