Planned Itinerary - subject to change.

Friday 16th

Friday Evening – Ars Pub Meet

Down the pub to talk Ars, with a folk band, a storyteller, and good real ale! Gaming space available.

Saturday 17th (Grand Tribunal)

Morning will involve gathering in Cheltenham for a light lunch and a decent discussion. The event will now commence formally at 12 noon.

12 pm till 6pm – Afternoon Session

Choose from

6 pm – Dinner

With Ars Panel discussion! Harass authors as they eat! Throw bread rolls at them for what they did to your fave house or tribunal! Also the Raffle for Ars and Atlas rarities is drawn.

7pm – Ars Authors Panel Discussion

Various well know Ars folks (and CJ) discuss their favourite game! Featuring Sheila Thomas, Neil Taylor, CJ, and hopefully our transatlantic Guests of Honour!

8pm till late – The Night Session

Late night gaming, singing of Festive songs down the phone to David Chart, burning of authors you don't like in effigy, beer, and well Ars Magica or other Atlas Games!

Midnight Ghost Walk For those interested on a spooky tour of Cheltenham by night!

Sunday 18th

Sunday Morning - The Hangover Session

8am till 12 noon - last minute gaming, meet for breakfast and general shopping for neglected WAGS and S'O's. Or last minute rpg gaming - you decide!

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