Sheila Thomas

Long ago, before the Internet was available outside the US military and long before the web, Sheila was introduced to online multiuser gaming, which was very addictive and horrendously expensive. She played in a few games and did a lot of descriptive writing for one of them - her first venture into writing for games.

One day her boyfriend said he was going to play Dungeons and Dragons one weekend a month and she could either come along too or not see him that weekend. She opted to give it a try and came up with a character designed for a couple of sessions' play. That character went through regular play for over twelve years as Sheila soon realised that table top role play gaming was as much fun as the online version, much more sociable, and a vast deal cheaper.

She started attending UK RPG conventions and at one of these was introduced to Neil Taylor. This was just before ArM4 was published. Neil convinced Sheila to try his favourite game and, not long afterwards, invited her to join the new saga he was starting up. She was quickly drawn into the Ars Magica world, began keeping her online diary of the Saxum Caribetum saga sessions, and started reading the BerkList.

One UK GenCon, Neil introduced Sheila to David Chart and a bit later, David joined the Saxum Caribetum group. So, Sheila had ample opportunity to learn even more about the background to the game. When Hermes Portal started, she volunteered to help out with editing and quickly found herself the sole copy editor, which was an interesting job and, hopefully, valuable to the Ars Magica community.

Sheila responded to the Open Call for contributions to the book Living Lore and was lucky enough to have a story accepted. She also did a few vis sources for Covenants. David invited her to write more, the obvious result of which appears in City & Guild. There are a couple of other contributions in the pipeline.

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